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Dudsville Community Newspaper

The website http://www.theleader.com.au/ has been analysed in this part of the assignment.
url and logoNecessitate of the local community, the news and the information provided by the community newspaper has been the back bone of the St George and Sutherland area. It has been admired by millions of people and criticised too. Being established in late 80’s, the newspaper has provided uncountable information , massages and awareness in the community. Helping the community by providing news, information, entertainment and promoting cultural and traditional events and in economic sector by increasing the possibilities of businesses has been the least of what the The Leader newspaper has been doing or trying to give message to the readers through its newspaper and its website.
The home page of the website gives a glance at almost everything that is happening.

The leader Homepage

Flashy picture slides of the major news and the headline of the news can be seen with the links that will take the user to the core of the website. Main menus are neatly aligned on the top of the page with blue and white contrasts which makes it more noticeable if the user needs to navigate through the various main options such as weather, sports, etc. The website basically is focused in providing the news and information about the local community to the viewers.
It does not have a very attractive webpage, however, quite a lot of links with easy navigating and video samples and photo galleries are bound in the home page aligned in the columns which will probably satisfy the search of a user. photo gallery
Whether it is just for news or to check on the sports or the weather or the fun stuff uploaded or the date of upcoming local or national event the website has targeted all kinds of users. sports sectionthis website is friendly, informative, object oriented and client oriented. Not only the website provides the information and news but also it connects a reader to the community and the country.
“A Web site is like a diner. It has a core arsenal of dishes that justify its existence, but it also must have a regularly changing specials menu that keeps its regular customers coming back for more. The assumption…is that a Web citizen…visits the site on a weekly, if not daily, basis.” 1
In context of its effectiveness this website is good. Since it doesn’t require any logging in or registering to use the site any level user can access the website. It has all the required components that makes it a good website. The website also represents many other news websites in the internet. Although it seems like the website is made to enhance the online trade to increase the efficiency, availability, reliability and economy of the news organization.

ads and sitemaps

The website’s got all sorts of multimedia. they have placed sliding pictures which would be flash animation. Advertisements on every available spaces which is sometimes rather annoying, links to the latest and past news which will take the user to different page and pictures with news headlines aligned to attract the user as well as to enhance the look of the webpage. Overall the webpage is satisfactory. it can be accessed with a high bandwidth as well as low bandwidth which makes it reliable and effective.
Since, the Leader newspaper is very popular and one of the biggest news organizations in Australia, the website has tended to cover all the part and the functions of the organization. People are always interested in such events will definitely find the website so much informative and helpful. Being a part of a community and the country the website has almost everything to commit from its part. Reader can actually go through the website and can acknowledge what is happening in the world, whether it is in Canberra or in Illawarra or other parts of the country.
Although the website doesn’t have any link to the full archive of the past events or news, it would sometimes be disappointing to some readers who want to review the past events. Adding that functionality on the website could be extremely beneficial to the readers and would add some more functionality. Such as: http://www.smh.com.au where we can search and find the news of any date. contact details are available
Furthermore, adding a little comment box which is directly answered by the correspondent from the website would be so much easier instead of emailing. If any reader faces any difficulties or wants to obtain some information or wants to ask a question, it would have been so much simpler then writing an email on both sides which would probably make the website more user friendly and convenient. For example as in the inquiry page of the CSU website. Furthermore a link to frequently asked Questions would help reader to locate any specific information easily without a waste of time.
Maintaining integrity, professionalism and providing information, the website is easily understandable and gives the right information on the basis of what a user is looking for.
It is usable and relevant, isn’t irritating and doesn’t waste the user’s time. It tends to do what it is made for i.e. to attract more readers and more readers and give more information about the things happening daily in the community, nation and the world. The website will make a direct or indirect impact on the reader once the reader goes through the website s/he will probably be interested in contributing in any way to the community. enhancing the importance of news and entertainment The Leader newspaper would make more impact on the community which will eventually benefit the organization to achieve its goal.


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